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Chemical Engineering Advisory Board

The Chemical Engineering Industrial Advisory Board
typically meets on the first or second Friday in June.

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Kokui Francisca Adesokan Kokui

Awarded the 2021 Outstanding Young Alumni Award

Kokui Adesokan is an associate director, an engineering manager providing strategic direction and technical leadership to a multi-disciplinary team of engineers on Geared Turbofan engine programs in the Externals engineering organization, at Pratt and Whitney in East Hartford, CT.

James Beilstein James R.
'96 PhD
Michael Berard '80

Retired as Engineering Manager, Abbvie Bioresearch.

40 years in both Biopharmaceutical and the oil and gas industry (Exxon and Mobil). Emphasis across industries has been in computerized process Control.

Worked predominantly in Manufacturing and tenure has included over five years working internationally including assignments in the Middle East and Far East. Currently consulting mostly in the Biopharmaceutical field.

Heavily involved in recruiting over the past 20 years.

Mark Bradley '79

Awarded 2018 Oustanding Senior Alumni Award

Mark owns and runs K2 Urethanes, LLC – a specialty urethane chemical distributor, and Springton Urethanes Monitor a specialty newsletter business.  

Michael Canary Michael Canary '85  
Frank Consoli Frank Consoli '75  
Paul Kamienski '69
'74 PhD (UMinn)

Grew up in a smalltown in Western Massachusetts. Conducted a research project in senior year under Prof. Robert Laurence in Honors Program. 

Summer internships with 3 different companies in 3 different states were invaluable in shaping my career interest. Worked in petroleum refining industry for 41 years retiring from ExxonMobil. Expertise in process & catalyst research and pilot plant design, research strategic planning and basic and applied research technology evaluation, and licensing technology especially in Europe and FSU. Established a small scholarship endowment in my father’s name to support UMass ChE students.

Member of the ChE Industrial Advisory Board for 10+ yrs. 


  Sanjeev Katti
(father of two alumni)
Scott Kendra Scott Kendra
(friend of the department)
Borislava Kostova Borislava Kostova
'06 PhD

Awarded 2012 Outstanding Junior Alumni Award

Ron LaBarre Ron LaBarre '73

Awarded 2015 Outstanding Senior Alumni Award

Retired Group Vice President of Air Liquide SA (23 years). Air Liquide is a global leader in industrial gases based in Paris.

After a few years in R&D out of college, Ron spent the majority of his career in sales and management. Primary focus was on the business development of large projects worldwide.

Michael Masterson Michael Masterson '75  
Ed Price Ed Price '90

Awarded 2016 Outstanding Senior Alumni Award

Former Co-founder, President and CEO of PCI Synthesis (, a Pharmaceutical CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization) based in Newburyport, MA and is the largest small molecule drug substance manufacturer in New England. PCI is a clinical and commercial manufacturer of new chemical entities (NCEs), generic active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), and other specialty chemical products.

Karin Rotem-Wildeman Karin Rotem-Wildeman
'99 PhD

Awarded 2017 Outstanding Senior Alumni Award

Michael Sarli Michael Sarli '75

Awarded 2013 Outstanding Senior Alumni Award

Chrstine Seymour Christine Seymour 
'95 PhD

Awarded the 2021 Distinguished Alumni Award


26 years in Pharmaceutical Research and Development. 2018 President of American Institute of Chemical Engineers. 

Nilesh Shaw Nilesh Shah 
'85 PhD

Chair, Advisory Board

Ex-Global R&D Director for a number of specialty chemical businesses in Rohm and Haas Company and The Dow Chemical Company

Robert Steininger Robert Steininger
(friend of the department)

Present Position: SVP of Surface Oncology, and consultant for Akouos

40 years in Biopharmaceutical industry, primarily in Cambridge and Andover, MA

Worked in research, process development, regulatory affairs, and manufacturing at Genetics Institute (now Pfizer), Millennium (now Takeda), Acceleron, Voyager (gene therapy), and Surface Oncology. Consultant for a number of AAV companies

  Steve Wolkenbreit '73

Founded Argotec in1988 with Richard Barnes; purchased in 2013 by Wind Point Partners,

A leading manufacturer of thermoplastic polyurethane films, a highly engineered material with value-added properties such as durability, UV protection, heat resistance and optical clarity, Argotec has focused on high-value niche applications including vehicle paint protection, glass lamination for superior strength, medical devices and wound care, textile lamination, graphic printing and over-lamination.

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