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Advising and Registration Information for Chemical Engineering (ChE) Majors

  1. March 10 - 12:  All ChE and Pr-Engin (with a ChE sub-plan)  students sign up for an advising appointment.  You may choose to schedule an appointment with your faculty advisor or the advisor coordinator (Matt Langer).  Please watch for instructions from your faculty advisor or the advising coordinator.   (Your faculty advisor is listed on your student page in SPIRE.) 
  2. March 23 - April 3: Advising meetings will be held. Seniors are encouraged to meet with their advisors or the advising coordinator early in the advising period so they can register for the courses needed for graduation. Once you both agree on a course plan, your advisor, or the advising coordinator will sign your Course Selection Form.
  3. After meeting with your advisor, or the advising coordinator,  and before 4pm on April 3: Bring your signed Course Selection Form to the advising coordinator in 112E Goessmann. This is to ensure that a hold will be removed from your SPIRE account in a timely manner. If you do not attend your designated advising session, AND bring your Course Selection Form to the advising coordinator in 112E Goessmann Lab by 4pm on April 3, the HOLD will remain on your SPIRE account. You will be unable to enroll for classes until the hold is lifted. The hold will not be lifted until you meet with your advisor or the advising coordinator.

Registration Materials:
Students may pick up registration materials in the Office of Student Affairs, 126 Marston Hall or outside 112E Goessmann. You are required to have the following Registration materials with you when you meet with your advisor or the advising coordinator.

  1. A copy of your Academic Requirements Report (from SPIRE).
    In SPIRE, select "Academics" from the main menu,  then select "Academic requirements".
  2. A Curriculum Flowchart showing completed courses with grades and current courses.
  3. A Course Selection Form, completed to the extent possible (see below).

Advising Procedure:

  1. Please arrive at advising appointments on time with a draft of next semester’s academic plan.
    1. Students fill out the top of the Course Selection Form and the current semester box. You must fill in:
      • Name, ID number, major, email, and cell phone and intended major/sub-plan if applicable.
      • For courses you are currently taking, fill in department and course number (e.g. Che 330), course title (e.g. Fluid Mechanics), # of credits, and Gen Ed code if applicable.
      • In the right column, fill in the courses you propose taking next semester (based on the Curriculum Flowchart).
      • In the next section please check any boxes that apply.
  2. Students should bring a Curriculum Flowchart with the previous grades reported in each box for the classes that have been completed. Mark with an "X" the classes currently being taken.
  3. Check SPIRE to make sure there are no time conflicts in your plan and that the courses you propose are being offered next semester.
  4. Discuss your proposed schedule with your advisor or the advising coordinator. You should also discuss any problems you are having, questions you have, or advice you need.
  5. When the advising session is finished, both the faculty advisor, or advising coordinator, and the student sign the Course Selection Form.
    1. Students keep the yellow copy of the Course Selection Form to assist in the completion of registration on SPIRE.
    2. The student returns the white copy to the advising coordinator in 112E Goessmann by 4pm on April 3rd.
  6. The Course Selection Form is a plan based on a mid-semester discussion between student and advisor concerning the appropriate courses to take during the next semester. If your interests change, and depending on the grades you receive at the end of the current semester, you may need to change your plan and/or repeat courses. All changes should be discussed with your advisor or the advising coordinator.


  1. Admission to a BS degree program in engineering requires a grade of C or better in English 112, Math 131, Math 132, Physics 151, Chem 111 or Physics 152, a first semester engineering course (Engin 100, 110, 111, 112, 113, or 114) and a 2nd semester engineering intro course satisfying the major requirement (ChE 120, CEE 121, ECE 122, or MIE 124).  Students must also have a cumulative and most recent Fall or Spring Semester GPA of 2.0 or higher.  *Chem 111 may be satisfied by taking the Honors equivalents:  Chem 121H.
  2. A student must maintain a cumulative GPA of C (2.0) in the core Chemical Engineering courses to remain in good standing in the major. To graduate with a degree in Chemical Engineering, students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 in the core Chemical Engineering program.
  3. The department will remove students from Chemical Engineering courses if the students do not have the appropriate course prerequisites or if the student's Chemical Engineering cumulative GPA falls below 2.0. It is the student's responsibility to make sure they have passed the appropriate prerequisites for each course. (Individual faculty that teach each course during the semester can make exceptions to this policy.)

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