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Future Students

Thinking of becoming a UMass Amherst student with a major in Engineering?

Please consider a visit to campus. 

Look through the websites of the various engineering departments you are considering, and make a special note of curriculum requirements.  Engineering students have a similar curriculum their first year, with each department requiring different entry-level courses.  In Chemical Engineering, the courses are Engin 110 in the Fall (Intro to Chemical Engineering) and Engin 120 in the Spring (Fundamentals).  Engineering students start as pre-engin majors, and must complete a series of courses to move into a declared engineering major.


Chemical Engineering Department Snapshot:

24 active faculty
8 Staff
~375 undergraduate students
~85 graduate students
Biochemical Engineering Concentration
Materials Engineering Certificate

Interdisciplinary Focus

  • Materials Science & Engineering
  • Bioengineering
  • Process & Catalysis
  • Computational Engineering



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