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Master's Program


The Program

The Master's Program in Chemical Engineering at UMass Amherst is a research-focused program. It is designed to give students the independent research experience necessary to be competitive for the best jobs in the Chemical Engineering industry. The average time to degree completion for our MS students is currently 1.5 years.  The first semester is focused on coursework and will evolve into independent research guided by a faculty advisor.  While we cannot guarantee placement with a specific advisor at the time of application, all of our MS students thus far have been placed in their top-choice lab, and we will do our best to match student interests with available faculty.

Please note that the department does not provide tuition or stipend support for students in the Master's program.   There may be some financial resources that you can find at UMass or beyond to help overcome a financial burden.   Please investigate the University’s Financial Aid Services website and their page for graduate students.  You may also be able to search current and upcoming on-campus job opportunities via the Student Employment Office.

There is a sample curriculum located HERE

Students are assigned space in the Graduate Hub in Marston, with tables and lockers available.


Making your application

On the Chemical Engineering Graduate Page, there is a quick overview of the program and links for making your application via the Graduate School.  There is an FAQ page as well.

Applications are due on January 15, 2022 for the fall semester (no students are accepted for spring semester).  Please make it clear you are applying for the Master's Program.  


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