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Research Areas

Bioengineering: cellular engineering;  metabolic engineering ; targeted bacteriolytic cancer therapy; synthesis of small molecules; systems biology; biopolymers; nanostructured materials for clinical diagnostics, synthetic biology and cancer immunotherapy.

Catalysis and Reaction Engineering: conversion of biomass to fuels and chemicals, hydrocarbon chemistry, C1 chemistry, acid-base catalysis, electrocatalysis, microwave reaction engineering, computational catalysis, microkinetic modelling, catalysis thermodynamics, microporous materials synthesis, mass transport in porous materials, catalyst characterization methods, in situ spectroscopy.

Materials Science and Nanotechnology: design and characterization of new catalytic materials; nanostructured materials for nanoelectronics, optoelectronics, and photovoltaics; graphene and carbon nanomaterials; synthesis and characterization of microporous and mesoporous materials; colloids and biomaterials; membranes; biopolymers; rheology and phase behavior of associative polymer solutions; polymeric materials processing.

Molecular and Multi-scale Modeling & Simulation: computational quantum chemistry and kinetics; molecular modeling of nanostructured materials; molecular-level behavior of fluids confined in porous materials; molecular-to-reactor scale modeling of transport and reaction processes in materials synthesis; atomistic-to-continuum scale modeling of thin films and nanostructures; systems-level analysis using stochastic atomic-scale simulators; modeling and control of biochemical reactors;  nonlinear process control theory.

Fluid Mechanics and Transport Phenomena:  biofluid dynamics and blood flow; hydrodynamics of microencapsulation; mechanics of cells, capsules, and suspensions; modeling of microscale flows; hydrodynamic stability and pattern formation; interfacial flows; gas-particle flows.

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