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Research Areas

Bioengineering: cellular engineering;  metabolic engineering ; targeted bacteriolytic cancer therapy; synthesis of small molecules; systems biology; biopolymers; nanostructured materials for clinical diagnostics, synthetic biology and cancer immunotherapy.

Catalysis and Renewable Energy: conversion of biomass to fuels and chemicals, hydrocarbon chemistry, C1 chemistry, acid-base catalysis, electrocatalysis, microwave reaction engineering, computational catalysis, microkinetic modelling, catalysis thermodynamics, microporous materials synthesis, mass transport in porous materials, catalyst characterization methods, in situ spectroscopy and reaction engineering.

Materials Science and Nanotechnology: design and characterization of new catalytic materials; nanostructured materials for nanoelectronics, optoelectronics, and photovoltaics; graphene and carbon nanomaterials; synthesis and characterization of microporous and mesoporous materials; colloids and biomaterials; membranes; biopolymers; rheology and phase behavior of associative polymer solutions; polymeric materials processing.

Molecular, Multi-scale, and System-level Modeling:  Quantum chemistry and density functional theory; Computational statistical mechanics; Computational materials science; Computational fluid dynamics; Hierarchical and equation-free multi-scale modeling; Machine learning and high-throughput screening; Bioprocess systems engineering; Population-dynamics modeling.


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