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PhD Defense: Anh PHam Van Nguyen

PhD Defense, Anh Pham Van Nguyen, Engineering Nanotheranostic Platforms for Efficient Monitoring of Tumor Response to Immunotherapy

PhD Defense: Wes Viola, “Polymer based energy storage and thermal management on textiles”

Special Seminar: Tamrat Abebe, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia,"The genetic landscape of breast cancer and its interaction with host immunity in Ethiopian breast cancer patients"

Best Dissertation Awardee Lecture" TBD

Exxon Mobil Lecture: Perla B. Balbuena, Texas A&M University, “TBD”

Graduate Student Seminar (G.R.A.S.S.)

Graduate Student Seminar (G.R.A.S.S.)

Seminar: Shelley D. Minteer, University of Utah, "TBD"

Seminar: Kathryn Whitehead, Carnegie Mellon University “From Farm to Pharmacy: A Strawberry-Derived Solution to Oral Protein Delivery”


Seminar: Drs. Erika Saffer & Cristina Urdaneta Thomas, 3M Corporation, "Rewarding Industrial Paths: From Jumping into Opportunities to Giving Back?"

Last Day of Classes

Monday Class Schedule at UMass

Last Day of Finals

Last Day of Classes

First Day of Classes

First Day of Finals

Friday Class Schedule at UMass

Indigenous Peoples Day

Graduate Orientation

First Day of Classes

Seminar: Michelle O'Malley, University of California at Santa Barbara, “Unlocking the Biotech Potential of Anaerobic Gut Fungi”

Seminar: Joseph Zasadzinski, University of Minnesota “TBD”

Seminar: Cathy Chin, University of Toronto, “Engineering of Active Site and Reaction Environment for Hydrogen Addition Catalysis”

GRASS - Graduate Student Seminar: Brandon Barajas (Schiffman Group) and Connor Giles (Lee Group)

Seminar: Hyunmin Yi, Tufts University, “Nanobiofabrication: Integrated Fabrication Approaches for Biopolymeric-Synthetic Hybrid Materials”

Seminar: Lilo Pozzo, University of Washington, “Opportunities in Experimental AI-Driven High-Throughput Materials Research”

DEI Forum, "Combating Scientific Misinformation"

ChE Alumni Speaker, Thomas Epps, Univ. Delaware, “Sustainability of Plastics: Can we find new materials and engineer strategies to reduce the impact of plastics?”, Day 2

Seminar: Oz M. Gazit, Israel Institute of Technology-Technion, “Challenges in catalyst design for the oxidative coupling of methane”

PhD Defense: Jason Gulbinski, “Phosphorus-Containing Zeolites for Biofuel Production”.

Jie (Jay) He, University of Connecticut, “What can polymers do in catalysis?”

PhD Defense: Natthapong Sueviriyapan, “Computational Modeling of the Mammalian Central Circadian Clock: the Intercellular Signaling Role of GABA Neurotransmitter”

PhD Defense, Yongkuk Park, "“Development of in vitro bone model for the recapitulation of bone complexity”."

GRASS: Lei Zheng (Abdelrahman/Klier Group)

ChE Diversity Forum - Trans Identities

ChE Diversity Forum: Mental Health and Leadership

3M Speaker: Bridgette Shannon, “A Journey of New Beginnings”

ChE Alumni Speaker, Thomas Epps, Univ. Delaware, “Advancing Sustainability: Small Molecules and Polymers from Biomass and Plastics Waste”, Day 1

ChE PhD Defense, Boyang Li, “Particle-Based Approaches for Modeling of Pharmaceutical Filtration Process”

ChE MS Defense: Shreya Thakkar, Chromatographic Dynamic Chemisorption"

ChE PhD Defense, Kelsi Rehmann, "Transport and Anionic Polymerization of Methylidene Malonates on Polymer Substrates"

Faculty Retreat - potential date

Qualifying Exams - Day 2

Qualifying Exams - Day 1

Tang Lecture, Christine Seymour '95 PhD (ChE), "The Profound Impact of Pharmaceuticals on Our Lives"

MS Defense: Aishwarya Menon, “Engineering and Evaluation of Synthetic HDL Nanoparticles to Target Tumor-Associated Macrophages”

PhD Defense: Mengfei Huang, "Novel Crosslinking Technologies for Waterborne & Powder Coatings"

"Saving Venice: Triumphs and Failures" -- 2021 Tsuan Hua Feng Distinguished Lecture

Ekundayo Shittu, George Washington University, “Examining Equitable Accessibility in Sustainability Transitions: Utilities’ Solar Deployment and Low-Middle-Income Households”

Michelle Gaines, 3M Diversity Speaker, "Interfacial Chemical Properties in Polymer Biomimetic Materials & Hair"

New Graduate Student Orientation (9:30 am to 2 pm)

Seminar: 2021 Dissertation Lecture, Whitney Blocher McTigue, “Biomolecule Stabilization and Encapsulation and Understanding Depolymerization”

PhD Defense, Shane Taylor, “Functionalization and Application of Nanoparticle Systems in Coatings and Targeted Cancer Therapy”

BME PhD Defense: Gerardo Narez, “A Novel Intervention to Prevent Post-Traumatic Osteoarthritis Following Knee Joint Injury.” Tammy Haut Donahue, chr.

PhD Defense, Ayushi Patel, "“Metabolic Modeling of Biofilm Communities for Biotechnological Applications”

MS Defense: Arsh Vyas, “Metabolic Modeling of Cystic Fibrosis Airway Microbiota From Patient Samples”

PhD Defense, Akash Jain, “Computational Rational Design of Electrocatalysts for Electrochemical Ammonia and Hydrogen Synthesis.”

College of Engineering Faculty & Staff Welcome Back Reception

Summer REU Joint Poster Session

Seminar: Stephen Nonnenmann, UMass Amherst, Mechanical Engineering, “Probing Defect Dynamics in Electroactive Oxides”

Seminar: Kate Stebe, University of Pennsylvania, “Motile Bacteria at Fluid Interfaces”

Seminar: Levi Thompson, University of Delaware, Title: “Turning Base Metals into Precious Materials: The Fascinating Properties of Nanostructured Early Transition Metal Carbides and Nitrides”

Snow Day for Finals

Final Grades due by Midnight - classes resume Tuesday, January 25

Last Day of Finals

Last Day of Classes

Thanksgiving break begins after last class today

Thursday Schedule at UMass

LAST DAY to Add/Drop <---new 1 week deadline!

Monday Schedule at UMass

DEI Event, Social hour -- potluck, by lab group (moved from 11/30)

G.R.A.S.S. – Ajibola Lawal (Abdelrahman Group) and Prerana Rathore (Jentoft Group)

G.R.A.S.S. – Carey Dougan (Peyton Group) and Sarthak Saha (Perry Group)

DEI Event, Title: "Privilege"

Seminar: Willam Bentley, University of Maryland, Title: “Exploiting Redox for Connecting Biology to Electronics – Controlling Behavior via Electrogenetics”

Seminar: Lola Eniola-Adefeso, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Title: "Leveraging the natural cellular and biomolecular interactions in blood for the design of targeted, anti-inflammatory particle therapeutics"

Seminar: Hakho Lee, Harvard/Mass. General Hospital, Title: "Promise of liquid biopsy for cancer management"

G.R.A.S.S. – Emily Diep (Schiffman Group) and Shubham Malviya (Bai Group)

Alumni Lecture 2: David Sholl, Georgia Tech, Title: “How to have outrageously good ideas”

Alumni Lecture 1: David Sholl, Georgia Tech, Title: "Expanding the chemical palette for reliable adsorption-based separations”

G.R.A.S.S. – Stephanie Call (L. Andrews Group) and Han Chen (Abdelrahman Group)

DEI Event: "Steps toward building an anti-racist lab"

First day of classes

ChE Industrial Advisory Board Meeting

Virtual Graduate Student Commencement Party - Chemical Engineering!

Defense: Yooyeon Jo, “Synthesis of Two Dimensional Materials, Black Phosphorus and Graphene: Characterization of Their Electrical and Mechanical Properties and Applications”

Seminar: Jill Martin, Dow, "Material Considerations for Plastic Packaging in the Circular Economy"

2021 Graduate Commencement

DEI Event: Dr. Juan Lucena, Colorado School of Mines, "Integrating Social Justice and Engineering Sciences: Transforming Engineering Education from Within"

Seminar: 2019 Best Dissertation Award Seminars

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Event: Inclusive Teams and Collaborations/Rolf Jentoft

Virtual Recruiting Event - ChE Graduate Program

Seminar: Julianne Holloway, Arizona State University, "Designing biomaterials with spatiotemporal control for tissue engineering applications"

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Event: Microaggressions Workshop, hosted by the College of Engineering

Seminar: Semra Colak Atan, 3M Diversity Seminar, “Design and Synthesis of Amino Acid-Based Ionic Polymers for Healthcare Applications”

Seminar: Yu Chen, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (BME), “Multimodal Optical Imaging: Technology, Application, and Translation”

Alumni Lecture: Rachel Segalman, University of California, Santa Barbara, "Engineering Polymeric Ionic Liquids for Metal Ion Conduction"

Seminar: Arthi Jayaraman, University of Delaware, “Combining theory and simulations with experiments for design and characterization of macromolecular materials”

Postponed to Spring 2022 -- Kathryn Whitehead, Carnegie Mellon University, “From Farm to Pharmacy: A Strawberry-Derived Solution to Oral Protein Delivery"”

Seminar: Jim Pfaendtner, University of Washington, “Foundations and Applications of Chemical Engineering Data Science”

ExxonMobil Lecture: Daniel Resasco, University of Oklahoma,“"Water in Liquid-Phase Catalysis: Friend or Foe?"”

Seminar: Mark Saltzman, Yale, “Polymer Nanoparticles for Intracellular and Targeted Delivery of Drugs and Biologics”

Seminar: Costas D. Maranas, Pennsylvania State University, “Using Computations to Design Pathways Using de novo Steps””

Seminar: Kristala L. J. Prather, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “Engineered Autonomous Control of Metabolic Pathways”

Virtual Research Symposium and Graduate Program Open House

The second annual ChE Trivia Night with Faculty/Staff

Alfredo Alexander-Katz, "Soft Matter: what it is and why do we care?"

PhD Defense, Xiangxi (Zoey) Meng, "Electrospinning Fibers via Complex Coacervation"

Homecoming 2020 Engineering Showcase: Fighting a Global Pandemic - The Frontlines of Innovation

UMass AIChE is starting weekly ChemE game nights on Sundays at 9 PM!

ChE Town Hall: COVID's Impact on Graduate School Plans and Applications

Bristol Myers Squibb info session

New last day of classes

New first day of the semester

ChemEng DEI Meeting - November

ChemEng DEI Meeting - October

ChemEng DEI Meeting - September

PhD Defense, Xiangan Li, “Metabolic Models of Gas Fermentation for Renewable Fuels and Chemicals Production”

PhD Defense, Sanket Sabnis, “Synthesis of inorganic porous materials with tunable morphology for molecular adsorption and separation applications”

Revised Start Date for UMass

G.R.A.S.S. – Anthony Brouilard (Kulkarni Group) and Chao-Shou Chen (Maroudas Group)

G.R.A.S.S. – Kaivalya Gawande (Fan Group) and Wes Viola (T. Andrew Group)

ExxonMobil Seminar: Jennifer S. Curtis, UC Davis, “Flow Behavior of Cohesive and Aspherical Particles in Hoppers and Shear Cells"

G.R.A.S.S. – Anh Pham Van Nguyen (Kulkarni Group) and Sam Trevenen (Beltramo/Klier Group)

Seminar: Susan Daniel, Cornell University “Creating a 2D Cell: Integrated Microfluidic Organelle Compartments on a Chip"”

G.R.A.S.S. – Matthew Lebovich (Andrews Group) and Weiyue Xin (Santore Group)

Seminar: Kostas Konstantopoulos, Johns Hopkins University, "How Cancer Cells Pave their Way in Confined Spaces"

Seminar: Amalie Frischknecht (Sandia National Laboratories) "Ionic Aggregate Morphology and Ion Transport in Single-Ion Conducting Polymers"

G.R.A.S.S. – Juili Parab (Jentoft Group) and Oscar Zabala-Ferrera (Beltramo Group)

G.R.A.S.S. – Song Luo (Fan Group) and Min Zeng (Andrews Group)


PhD Defense, Mengxi Chen, Structure-Properties Relations in Graphene Nanomeshes and Interlayerbonded Twisted Bilayer Graphene Nanocomposite Superstructures Obtained by Atomic-Scale Modeling


PhD Defense, Vishnu Raman, “Creation of a tumor specific, Salmonella based, intracellular cancer therapy”



PhD Defense: Shuo Sui, “Microfluidic platforms for advanced crystallography”

Communications Committee Mtg

Virtual ChE Senior Banquet

Mandatory Mtg for New Graduate Students, Recommended for all grad students

PhD Defense, Whitney Blocher McTigue, “Encapsulation and Stabilization of Biomacromolecules”

Industrial Advisory Board Meeting

Cancelled - in Person Recruiting Weekend

Monday Schedule at UMass

Monday Schedule at UMass

Engineering Senior Recognition Ceremony

Undergraduate Commencement

Graduate Commencement

Commonwealth Honors College Celebration of Excellence

Last day of classes

Cancelled: Senior Critique



Mandatory Dept Mtg for Graduate Students - lab safety

PhD Defense, Li-Wei Chang, “Sequence Control of Complex Coacervates”

Seminar: Yanfei Xu, University of Massachusetts (MIE), “Molecular Engineered Polymers for Advanced Thermal and Electronic Applications”

Seminar: Chase Cornelison, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (BME), "Pathological fluid flow in brain cancer progression and therapy"

G.R.A.S.S. – Shoshana Bloom (Forbes Group) and Aritra Nath Kundu (Peyton Group)

PhD Defense, Bryan Sharkey, “Development and Characterization of Robust and Cost-Effective Solid Catalysts for Selective Biomass Upgrading to Fuels and Chemicals by Deoxydehydration”

University is closed Jan 30 and 31

University is closed Jan 30 and 31

PhD Defense: Kiran Subramaniam Iyer, "Kinetics of the Crystal-Melt Phase Transformation in Semicrystalline Polymers"

Canceled: Seminar: Yu Chen, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (BME)

PhD Defense: Yen Tran, "Force-responsive, Cryptic Materials and Their Applications"

Seminar: Abby Koppes, Northeastern University, "Engineered Models of the Gut-Brain Axis”"

1st Year Grad Students: Research Topics Presented

1st Year Grad Students: Research Topics Presented

1st Year Grad Students: Research Topics Presented

1st Year Grad Students: Research Topics Presented

Zoom Seminar: Jennifer Elisseeff, Johns Hopkins University, "Lessons from translation and rethinking biomaterials in the body"

Canceled: Seminar: Arthi Jayaraman, University of Delaware

Canceled: ExxonMobil Seminar: Jennifer S. Curtis, UC Davis

Canceled Seminar: Mark Saltzman, Yale University, “Polymer Nanoparticles for Intracellular and Targeted Delivery of Drugs and Biologics”

Canceled Seminar: Susan Daniel, Cornell University, “ Creating a 2D Cell: Integrated Microfluidic Organelle Compartments on a Chip

Seminar: Andreas Heyden, University of South Carolina, “Increasing the value of computational catalysis through data science”

Seminar: Nicholas Lawrence Abbott, Cornell University, “Amplification of Biological Interactions using Liquid Crystals”

Seminar: Thomas Webster, Northeastern University, “Two Decades of Commercializing Nanomedicine With FDA Approval: Helping Real Patients Now”

Seminar: Yubing Sun, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (MIE), “Biomechanical regulation of complex cell behaviors”

PhD Defense: Poonam Phalak, “Metabolic Modeling of Multispecies Microbial Biofilms”

ChE Graduate Student Seminar "LGBTQ+ diversity in STEM"

PhD Defense: Koushik Ponnuru, “Controlling selectivities in heterogeneously catalyzed aldol reactions”

ChemEng Advisory Board Meeting

PhD Defense: Sualyneth Galarza

ChE Graduate Program - Virtual Recruiting Meeting

Engineering Ceremony

Graduate and Undergraduate Commencement

Last Day of Classes

Cancelled Seminar: Kathleen J. Stebe, University of Pennsylvania “Motile Bacteria at Fluid Interfaces” Host: Peter

G.R.A.S.S. – Natthapong Sueviriyapan (Henson Group)and Irene Kurtz (Schiffman Group)

G.R.A.S.S. – Ayushi Patel (Henson Group) and Shane Taylor (Klier Group)

G.R.A.S.S. – Akash Jain (Ramasubramaniam Group) and Kelsi Skeens Rehmann (Klier Group)

Seminar: Jeffrey Rimer, University of Houston “Identifying New Paradigms in Crystal Engineering for Energy and Biomedical Applications”

G.R.A.S.S. – Mengfei Huang (Klier/Schiffman Group) and Yongkuk Park (Lee Group)

G.R.A.S.S. – Jason Gulbinski (Fan Group) "Phosphoric Acid Zeolites for Production of p-Xylene from 2,5-Dimethylfuran and Ethylene: Homogeneous or Heterogeneous?"

Alumni Lecture 2: Sharon C. Glotzer, University of Michigan, “Predictive Design of Colloidal Matter”

Alumni Lecture 1: Sharon C. Glotzer, University of Michigan, “Information, Entropy, and Order”

Seminar: Michael John Janik, Penn State University “Development of electrocatalytic materials guided by computational chemistry: fuel cells and electrolysis”

Seminar: David William Flaherty, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign “Why Does the Catalyst Need to Be Wet? Active Sites, Activities, and Non-Innocent Solvents”

PhD Defense, Yuxi Wang, “Graphene growth and transfer and beyond: engineering twist-angle layered graphene and interlayer bond formation between graphene layers"

PhD Defense, Benjamin Yavitt, "Rheological Investigations ofSelf-Assembled Block Copolymer Nanocomposites with Complex Architectures"

Seminar: Laura Bradley, PSE/UMass, “HIP Materials: Harnessing Interfacial Phenomena to Design New Soft Materials”

PhD Defense, Ashish Kumar, “Modeling and simulation of driven nanopatterning of surfaces and low-dimensional materials"

PhD Defense, Elizabeth Brooks, “Engineering Synthetic Biomaterials for Cancer Drug Screening"

PhD Defense, Xiaoduo Qi, "The Investigation of Surface Barrier During Molecular Transport in Hierarchical Zeolites"

PhD Defense: Kerianne Dobosz, "Tuning Electrospun Nanofibers and Chemistry to Enhance the Flux and Fouling Resistance of Ultrafiltration Membranes"

Seminar: Lonnie Shea, University of Michigan, “Immuno-Engineering in Cancer and Regenerative Medicine”

PhD Defense - Alyssa Schwartz, “Biophysical Features of the Extracellular Matrix Direct Breast Cancer Metastasis”

Exxon Mobil Lecture: Raymond J. Gorte, University of Pennsylvania, Title: "Fabrication of Nano-Structured Catalyst Supports by ALD"

G.R.A.S.S. – Boyang Li (Henson Group) and Xiangxi (Zoey) Meng (Perry/Schiffman Group)

Welcome - Omar, Peng and Dandan

G.R.A.S.S. – Xiangan Li (Henson Group) and Eric Hernandez (Jentoft Group)

G.R.A.S.S. – Whitney Blocher McTigue (Perry Group) and Sanket Sabnis (Fan Group)

Student/Outstanding Alumni Discussion/Q&A

New Graduate Student Orientation - no graduate classes today

National AIChE meetings - Pittsburgh

Seminar: Norman J. Wagner, University of Delaware, “The micromechanics of shear thickening fluids and their application as protective materials for medical professionals, first responders, protective materials for athletes, astronauts and spacecraft”

Seminar: Robert J. Davis, University of Virginia, Title: “Catalytic Conversion of Alcohols and Acids Derived from Renewable Biomass”

Seminar: Chris M. Jewell, University of Maryland, Title: “Harnessing biomaterials to study and control immune function”

Seminar: Dave Pine, New York University, Title: “Colloidal self-assembly with DNA-coated particles”

Seminar: Brian Pfleger, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Title: “TBD”

Seminar: Krista S. Walton, Georgia Institute of Technology, Title: “TBD”

Seminar: Charles Musgrave, University of Colorado Boulder, “Computationally Designed Organic Photocatalysis for CO2 Reduction and Photopolymerization”

Alumni Lecture 2: E. Terry Papoutsakis, University of Delaware, Title: “Metabolic Engineering AND/OR Synthetic Biology for improved biotechnological production: promises and realities”

Alumni Lecture 1: E. Terry Papoutsakis, University of Delaware, Title: “Native and engineered megakaryocytic microparticles for cell- and gene-therapies”

Seminar: Bingjun Xu, University of Delaware, Title “Tailoring Efficient Renewable Catalytic Processes for a Sustainable Future”

PhD Defense - Vivek Vattipalli, “Synthesis and molecular transport studies in zeolites and nanoporous membranes”

Seminar: Notker Rösch, "To localize or not to localize, that is the question. Reduced centers of the MoVOx catalyst for hydrocarbon oxidation"


Grad Student/Department Head discussion


COE Senior Recognition Celebration

Senior Banquet - 10th Floor Campus Center

Qualifying Exam for First Year Graduate Students

Graduate Recruiting

Chemical Engineering Industrial Advisory Board Meeting

Asanka Weerasinghe PhD defense

Seminar, Suzie H. Pun, U. of Washington, Title: “Bioactive, peptide-containing polymers for biomedical applications”


Lin Du Ph.D. Defense, “Driven Morphological Evolution of Crystal Surfaces, Epitaxial Thin Films, and Two-Dimensional Materials: Morphological Stability and Pattern Formation”

Annual Fall BBQ - Graduate Students and Faculty

Ph.D. Defense, Kristopher Kolewe, : “Structure-Property Relationships of Polymer Films and Hydrogels to Control Bacterial Adhesion”

Kaoru Aou, Dow Chemical, “How Can We Innovate Like a Tech Startup in a Large Corporation - The Perspectives of a PSE Alum in Industrial Research”

Homecoming weekend

Grad Student Orientation for new students (no ChemEng graduate courses meet 9/5/17)


Graduate and Undergraduate Commencements

Last day of classes

Monday schedule at UMass

First Day of Classes

Monday Schedule at UMass

Last Day of Classes

Exxon-Mobil Seminar: Bruce Gates, University of California, Davis , Title TBD

Graduate Seminar (G.R.A.S.S.) – Kiran Iyer (Muthukumar) and Koushik Ponnuru (Jentoft)

Graduate Seminar (G.R.A.S.S.) – Yooyeon Jo (Dimitrakopoulos) and Li-Wei Chang (Perry)

Graduate Seminar (G.R.A.S.S.) – Abhinav Sharma (Forbes/Lee) and Bryan Sharkey (Jentoft)

Seminar, Brendan Harley, Univ. Illinois, Title: “Engineering complexity via biomaterial design”

Ashutosh Rathi, Ph.D. Defense

Graduate Seminar (G.R.A.S.S). – Shuo Sui (Perry) and Mengxi Chen (Maroudas)

Graduate Seminar (G.R.A.S.S.) – Brandon Dunham (Dimitrakopoulos) and Yalin Liu (Perry)

Graduate Seminar (G.R.A.S.S.) – Sualyneth Galarza (Peyton) and Poonam Phalak (Henson)

Seminar: Lee Lynd, Dartmouth, “Low Cost Cellulosic Biofuels: New Questions in Pursuit of New Answers”

Seminar: Bernhard von Vacano, BASF, “Creating chemistry for a sustainable future in a world of change”

Seminar: Jan Genzer, North Carolina State University, Title “Preventing adhesion of marine organisms by engineering substrate topographies”

Graduate Seminar (G.R.A.S.S.) – Ryan Carpenter (Lee) and Yen Tran (Peyton/Klier)

Graduate Seminar (G.R.A.S.S.) – Yuxi Wang (Dimitrakopoulos) and Vishnu Raman (Forbes)

1st Alumni Lecture: Yueh-Lin (Lynn) Loo, Princeton University, “Organic Solar Cells Provide Onboard Power to Make Smart Windows Smarter”

2nd Alumni Lecture: Yueh-Lin (Lynn) Loo, Princeton University, “What governs polymorphic accessibility?”

Seminar: April Kloxin, The University of Delaware, Title “Designing and utilizing responsive biomaterials to control cellular microenvironments in the study of tissue regeneration and disease”

Seminar: Abhaya Datye, The University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, Title “Designing Catalysts for Meeting the DOE 150 °C Challenge for Exhaust Emissions”

Senior Recognition Celebration

Graduate and Undergraduate Commencements

Seminar: Eric I. Altman, Yale University, “Two Dimensional Tetrahedral Oxides: From Model Catalysts to Atomically Thin Membranes”

Graduate Student Seminar (G.R.A.S.S.)

Seminar: Hicham Fenniri, Northeastern University “Engineering Biomedical Function in Supramolecular Nanomaterials”

Seminar: Manu Platt, Georgia Tech, "Quantitative Dissection of Proteolytic Networks Governing Tissue Remodeling in Health and Disease"

ExxonMobil Lecture: Liang-Shih Fan, The Ohio State University, “Chemical Looping Gasification and Reforming – Materials, Reactors and Systems”

GRASS Seminar: Kerianne Dobosz (Schiffman) and Yuxi Wang (Dimitrakopoulos)

Seminar: Hicham Fenniri, Northeastern, Title: "TBD"

Seminar: Manu Platt, Georgia Tech, Title: "TBD"

Seminar: Jason Papin, Virgina, title: "Predicting biology with reconciled human and rat metabolic networks"

ExxonMobil Lecture: Liang-Shih Fan, Ohio State, Title: "TBD"

Seminar: April Kloxin, Delaware, “Designing and utilizing responsive biomaterials to control cellular microenvironments in the study of tissue regeneration and disease”"

Seminar: Mindy Keefe, Dow Coating Materials, Title: "TBD"

Alumni Lecture: Tony Mikos, Rice University, Title “Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering”

Alumni Lecture: Tony Mikos, Rice University, Title “Injectable Hydrogels for Growth Factor and Stem Cell Delivery in Tissue Engineering”

AICHE Mixer at National Meetings

Edward Price ('90) to speak with Undergraduate ChemEng Majors

Seminar: Jörg Kärger, Title: “Monitoring adsorption, diffusion and reaction through the microscope: the novel options of microimaging” - moved from 12/6 to 12/15

Seminar: Martin Yarmush, Title: "New Approaches to Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy"

Graduate Seminar: (G.R.A.S.S.) – Ashish Kumar (Maroudas/Dimitrakopoulos) and Vivek Vattipalli (Fan)

Seminar: Lynn Walker, Title: “Processing and Engineering Fluid-Fluid Interfaces through Multicomponent Adsorption”

Seminar: Pete Trefonas, Title: TBA“Directed self assembly - Self assembling surface neutral layers via block copolymers; and bi-directional emissive nanoparticle displays”

Graduate Seminar (G.R.A.S.S.) – Ashutosh Rathi (Ford) and Elizabeth Cummings (Roberts)

Graduate Seminar (G.R.A.S.S.) – Elizabeth Brooks (Peyton) and Raymond Gasper (Ramasubramaniam)

Seminar: Mark P. Styczynski, Title: “Using Synthetic Biology and Metabolic Engineering to Detect Nutritional Deficiencies in the Developing World”

Seminar: Mehmet Toner, Title: “Bioengineering & Clinical Applications of Circulating Tumor Cells”

Seminar: Padma Rajagopalan, Title: “The Design of Biomaterials to Investigate Healthy and Impaired Liver Function”

Seminar: Sanjay Kumar, University of California, Berkeley, “Cells as smart materials: Dissecting and reverse-engineering mechaniobiological units”

Seminar: Bahareh Behkam, Virginia Tech Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Sciences, "TBD"

ExxonMobil Lecture: Michael Tsapatsis, University of Minnesota, “2-dimensional zeolites for catalysis and separations”

CANCELLED: Martin L. Yarmush, "New Approaches to Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy"

Seminar: Tom McCarthy, Polymer Science, UMass Amherst

Seminar: Wei Fan, UMass Amherst

ChemEng Senior Critique

College of Engineering Leadership Panel

Outstanding Alumni Awards 2015

Darrell Irvine, Massachusetts Institute of Technology “Engineering immunity with hitchhiking therapeutics”

Seminar: Michael Strano, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "Manipulating mass and energy using carbon nanotechnology"

Seminar: Phillip B. Messersmith, University of California, Berkeley “Properties and Applications of Synthetic Polymers and Coatings Inspired by Mussels, Wine, Tea, and Chocolate”

Seminar: Lorna Gibson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology “Hierarchical structure and mechanics of plants”

AIChE, No Seminar

CANCELLED: Mehmet Toner, Harvard University/MGH “Bioengineering & Clinical Applications of Circulating Tumor Cells”

GRASS: Lin Du (Maroudas Group) & Kris Kolewe (Schiffman Group)

Seminar: CANCELLED!!! Pam Silver, Harvard University

Seminar: Krishna Mahadevan, University of Toronto, “Model-based Strategies for Engineering Metabolism”

Seminar: Jodie Lutkenhaus, Texas A&M University, “It’s All About Water: Temperature Effects in Polyelectrolyte Complexes and Multilayers”

Last Day of Classes

Graduate Orientation

GRASS: Jin Chen (Henson Group) & Lauren Jansen (Peyton Group)

Seminar: Cliff Brangwynne, Princeton University, "Measuring the Intracellular Dew Point: Phase Transitions in Cells"

Holiday - Columbus Day

Alumni Lecture: Juan de Pablo, University of Chicago, "Directed Self-Assembly of Block Polymers; From Academic Curiosity, to Production of Next-Generation Nanocircuits"

Alumni Lecture: Juan de Pablo, University of Chicago, "Nanoparticles in liquid crystals, and liquid crystals in nanoparticles"

Exxon-Mobil Lecture: Robert H. Davis, University of Colorado - Boulder

Alexender Katz, University of California, Berkeley

George Malliaras, Center of Microelectronics in Provence, France

Cynthia H. Collins, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

GRASS: Hong Je Cho (Wei Fan Group) and Shengkai Li (James Watkins Group)

GRASS: Nathan Birch (Jessica Schiffman Group) and Hongbo Shi (Scott Auerbach Group)

Seminar: Jeff Davis, Chemical Engineering, UMass Amherst

"Using Contact Line – Dependent Wetting"

Flu Clinic - 176 Campus Center

Flu Clinic - 168C Campus Center

AIChE - No seminar

Carbon Nanospace-Aided Molecular Engineering

Electrical & Computer Engineering hosts Seminar presented by Outstanding Alumni Award Recipient

GRASS: Gradute Student Talks

Seminar: Katharina Ribbeck, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Seminar: Jeffrey R. Errington, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

“Cell-Matrix Interactions in 3D microtissues: Multiscale mechanical models”

“Fundamental differences between traditional III-V compounds and Nitride Semiconductors: The formation and role of extended defects”

"Understanding and Manipulating the Foreign Body Reaction to Synthetic Hydrogels: Implications in Tissue Engineering"

2014 Tsuan Hua Feng Distinguished Lecture

All College Facultyand Staff Meeting

Reception for Kristi Anseth

Alumni Lecture - “Body Building: Designer Gels to Promote Tissue Regeneration”

GRASS: Graduate Student Talks

Alumni Lecture - "Goodbye Flat Biology?"

College of Engineering Alumni Awards and Reception

College of Engineering Alumni Leadership Panel Discussion

Summer Session 2015 - Session Two - Last day of Classes

Summer Session 2015 - Session Two; Last day to drop with "W" any session two class

Summer Session 2015 - Session Two - Last day to add/drop classes

Summer Session 2015 - Session Two - First Day of Classes

Holiday - Independence Day

Summer Session 2015 - Last day of classes session one

Summer Session 2015 - Last day to drop with "W" any session one class

Memorial Day Holiday

Summer Session 2015 - Last day to add/drop any Session One Class

Summer Session 2015 - First Day of Classes

College of Engineering Senior Recognition Celebration

Undergraduate Commencement

Last day of final examinations - semester ends

Final examinations resume

Final examinations begin

Monday Class Schedule Will Be Followed

Last day of classes

Founders Day (classes meet)

Monday class schedule will be followed

Patriot's Day Holiday

Registration begins for Fall 2015

Spring recess begins after last class

Monday class schedule will be followed

First Day of Classes

Winter Term - Last day of classes

Winter Term - Last day to drop with "W"

Winter Term - Classes Resume

Winter Term - Holiday Break Starts

Winter Term - Classes Resume

Winter Term - Holiday Break Starts

Winter Term - Last day to add/drop

Winter Term - First Day of Classes

Snow day for Dec. 13 exams; Semester Ends

Last day of classes

Thanksgiving recess begins after last class

Registration begins for Spring 2015

Tuesday class schedule to be followed

Monday class schedule will be followed

Columbus Day Holiday

Last day to Add/Drop any class with no record

ChemEng New Graduate Student Orientation - graduate classes cancelled today

First Day of Classes

Mid Semester Date: Last day to Drop with "W" and select 'P/F' - Undergraduate

Last Day to add/drop any class with no record

Labor Day Holiday

Last Day to Drop with "DR" - Graduate

President's Day Holiday

Veteran's Day Holiday

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