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Article Co-authored by Chemical Engineers Is Editor’s Choice

The Journal of Chemical Physics has selected a paper co-authored by Professors Dimitrios Maroudas and David Ford and their graduate student Ray Sehgal and other collaborators from Johns Hopkins University as a “2010 Editor's Choice” of ground-breaking research in the field of Surfaces, Interfaces, and Materials. As the editors explain, “In the following collection, the editors have selected a few of the many notable JCP articles published in 2010 that present ground-breaking research.” The paper is entitled “Fokker–Planck analysis of separation dependent potentials and diffusion coefficients in simulated microscopy experiments,” and the co-authors from Johns Hopkins are Daniel J. Beltran-Villegas and Michael A. Bevans. It was originally published in The Journal of Chemical Physics, 132, 044707 (2010); doi:10.1063/1.3299731 (8 pages). See Editor’s Choice articles.

"The editors at The Journal of Chemical Physics facilitate publication of the most innovative and influential articles in the field of Chemical Physics each year,” as the editor's note. The Editor’s Choice collection represents only a small fraction of the critical research published in The Journal of Chemical Physics in 2010 and is representative of the broad cross-section of topics that the journal covers.

As the editor’s blurb about the article explains, “The authors developed a Fokker–Planck formalism to simultaneously extract both particle-surface interaction potentials and position-dependent diffusion coefficients. Their results demonstrate the ability to extract both static and dynamic information from microscopy measurements of isolated particles near surfaces, which provides a foundation for further investigation of particle ensembles and nonequilibrium systems.”

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