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Dauenhauer Appointed Associate Editor of Chemical Engineering Science

Paul Dauenhauer of the Chemical Engineering Department has been appointed to the Associate Editorial Board of the journal Chemical Engineering Science. Dauenhauer received a B.S. Degree in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin Madison in 2004 and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota in 2008. He has worked as a senior research engineer for both Cargill, Inc. (Grain & Oilseed and Sweeteners Division) in Midland, Michigan and the Dow Chemical Company in Freeport, Texas.

His research program focuses on understanding the complex chemistries and transport phenomena associated with utilizing alternative feedstocks such as biomass, coal, and recycled waste materials. His research team has also worked to develop new catalytic and reactor technologies that target important chemical products such as renewable plastic monomers from lignocellulosic materials.

From 2010 to 2012, Dauenhauer served as the co-chair of AIChE Division 20 - Catalysis and Reaction Engineering. He is also a recipient of the 3M Nontenured Faculty Award and the U.S. Department of Energy Early Career Award.

Chemical Engineering Science publishes papers on the fundamentals of chemical engineering, including the development of chemical engineering knowledge and process into and from other disciplines such as biology, chemistry, physics, and applied mathematics. The journal welcomes manuscripts describing original research, with significant results based on experiments and/or developments in theory. Such results may be the outcome of studies that range from the molecular level to the plant level. (October 2012)

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