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Profile of Omar Abdelrahman on DoE Website Follows His Academic Journey to UMass

Omar Abdelrahman

Omar Abdelrahman

The Department of Energy (DoE) website Energy Research Newsletter recently carried an enlightening profile about Assistant Professor Omar Abdelrahman of the Chemical Engineering (ChE) Department dealing with what writer ChoongSze Lee called Abdelrahman’s “non-traditional” academic journey to the West. After earning his Doctorate in Chemical Engineering at Syracuse University in 2016, Abdelrahman served as a post-doc in former UMass ChE Professor Paul Dauenhauer’s lab at the University of Minnesota, an experience which, along with other influences, helped to transform Abdelrahman’s view of science. As Abdelrahman said in the DoE article, “Embrace what you have that is non-traditional and nurture it into your scientific brand. The field of catalysis, and science in general, thrives on those who can see a problem differently than others and propose unprecedented, paradigm-shifting solutions.” (March 2020)

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