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Schiffman Honored with the American Chemical Society Applied Materials & Interfaces Young Investigator Award

Jessica Schiffman award banner

Jessica Schiffman, associate professor of Chemical Engineering (ChE), was recently honored with the 2019 American Chemical Society (ACS) Applied Materials & Interfaces Young Investigator Award. According to the ACS, she was selected from a large group of very competitive nominations “for her pioneering work investigating the attachment behavior of microorganisms on soft materials and converging research on materials synthesis, nanotechnology, surface chemistry, and microbiology.”

Schiffman is considered to be a groundbreaker in the field of electrospinning nanofibers, antifouling coatings, and surfaces with an emphasis on their interface with biological systems. The Schiffman lab synthesizes bioinspired materials for a range of biomedical, environmental, and industrial applications.

In honor of her accomplishment, Schiffman will receive an award plaque, an honorarium, and support to attend the 2019 Fall ACS National Meeting in San Diego during the week of August 25 to 29. At the ACS National Meeting she will also give a dynamic lecture to a broad audience on the subject of “Interfacing polymer materials with microbiology.”

Schiffman has published more than 50 peer-review journal articles and invited reviews in top-rated journals, with an especially high concentration in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces and closely related outlets, including Langmuir, Biomacromolecules, Environmental Science & Technology, ACS Applied Bio Materials, and ACS Applied Polymer Materials. Within the last year, Schiffman’s peer-reviewed publications have received notable press-attention, including one highlighted as an ACS Editors’ Choice and another that was highlighted in the ACS News Service Weekly PressPac.

Schiffman explains that establishing structure-to-function relationships, as well as investigating the interface between materials and microorganisms, are of particular interest to her lab. “Our research is interdisciplinary in nature,” she says, “drawing influences from chemical engineering, materials science, and microbiology.”

Schiffman is the Professor James M. Douglas Career Development Faculty Fellow in the ChE department. Among many other accomplishments, Schiffman has received numerous competitive grant awards, has written four book chapters, has accumulated eight patents or patent applications, and has given 60 invited conference or colloquia presentations and over 125 contributed presentations.

Schiffman has also been selected for the 2017 Barbara H. and Joseph I. Goldstein Outstanding Junior Faculty Award by the College of Engineering and the 2013 National Science Foundation Early Career BRIGE Award, among a host of other honors. (June 2019)

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