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This winter three young researchers at the College of Engineering have scored a collective hat trick by pulling in a trio of $400,000 awards from the prestigious National Science Foundation (NSF) Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program. The much sought-after grants were received by Paul Dauenhauer of the Chemical Engineering Department, and David Irwin and Qiangfei Xia of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. Nearly one-third of all faculty members at the college have won the esteemed NSF awards.

Professor Susan Roberts will assume the half-time position of associate dean of the Graduate School on July 1, according to John McCarthy, vice provost for Graduate Education and dean of the Graduate School. Roberts is a faculty member in the Department of Chemical Engineering and director of the Institute for Cellular Engineering (ICE).

The Web of Science notes that a landmark paper written by H. Henning Winter, the Distinguished University Professor of Chemical Engineering and director of the Laboratory for Experimental Rheology in the Chemical Engineering (ChE) Department, has reached the celebrated 1,000-citation mark. As ChE Department Head T.J. Lakis Mountziaris notes, “This is a remarkable achievement.” Henning’s milestone paper is entitled “Analysis of Linear Viscoelasticity of a Crosslinking Polymer at the Gel Point” and was published in 1986 in the Journal of Rheology.

The $400,000 grant from the prestigious National Science Foundation CAREER Program received by Paul Dauenhauer in the Chemical Engineering Department at the UMass Amherst is attracting media coverage from many scientific magazines and websites, including Biofuels Journal, Biofuels Digest,,

Nathan P. Birch, a Ph.D. candidate in the research lab of Professor Jessica D. Schiffman from the Chemical Engineering Department, was one of four recipients nationally to receive a Ciba Travel Award in Green Chemistry. The award is sponsored by the Ciba Green Chemistry Student Endowment to expand student education in the field of green chemistry. Funding provides students the opportunity to travel to a national meeting in the green chemistry field and present their research. The Award Committee felt that Mr. Birch has “strong potential for a career in green chemistry.”

A $400,000 grant from the prestigious National Science Foundation CAREER Program will support the pioneering research of Paul Dauenhauer in the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Dauenhauer’s project will resolve the top challenge for converting sustainable biomass such as trees, grasses, and non-food plants into green gasoline and hundreds of key products in the chemical industry. The NSF funding will support Dauenhauer’s groundbreaking research into his novel experimental technique known as “Pulsed-Film Pyrolysis.”

Anellotech Inc., a technology-based company focusing on low-cost green petrochemicals and renewable fuels, has announced the signing of an exclusive license agreement amendment with the University of Massachusetts Amherst that adds a new technology, tripling the amount of p-xylene produced from non-food biomass using Anellotech’ s core, catalytic fast pyrolysis technology. P-xylene is a critical feedstock for making PET (polyethylene terephthalate), which is used to produce plastic bottles, clothing, carpeting, automotive, and other products.

Alumnus Marvin O. Schlanger ('72 M.S., ChE) has been named CEO of CEVA Logistics, one of the world’s leading non-asset-based, supply-chain, management companies, in addition to continuing his role as chairman of the board for CEVA Group plc. He began his career with Mobil and joined ARCO Chemical Company in 1975, becoming chief financial officer and a member of the board of directors in 1989. Since then Schlanger has held a range of executive and board positions, including CEO and CFO roles, and also served as a director of several trade, cultural, and charitable organizations.

Chemical engineering graduate student Jin Yang will have research featured in the cover article of the January 5, 2013, issue of the Journal of Computational Chemistry. The title of the article, which will start on page 60 of the issue, is “Adsorption of Oxygenated Aromatics.” Yang is being co-advised by Paul Dauenhauer from the Chemical Engineering Department and Ashwin Ramasubramaniam from the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department.

Michael Henson of the Chemical Engineering Department has been appointed founding editor-in-chief of the new journal Processes ( This open-access journal is focused on the development of novel process technology for the chemical, materials, biochemical, and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries. Dr.


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